The Mighty Head of Moustafa


The Mighty Head of Moustafa – Rania Emara

At first glance, Moustafa may look quite ordinary, with his skinny arms, large nose, and unruly curls. But he has an extraordinarily peculiar talent; a talent that involves his strong, resilient, MIGHTY head. Follow the whimsical tale of Moustafa as he weaves his way through the bustling sights and sounds of the marketplace, with amusing rhymes kneaded together like the steaming, hot bread he carries on top of his mighty head. Written by Rania Emara with the aim of motivating children to discover and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore native to the Middle East and South Asia, this story showcases an incredible, real life practice reimagined into an entertaining, cumulative tale for young children. Inspired by the much loved British nursery rhyme “The House That Jack Built” and featuring enchanting illustrations by Fruzsina Kuhari that capture the essence of a Middle Eastern marketplace, The Mighty Head of Moustafa is the perfect read-aloud book for story time, circle time, and bedtime.


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