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Something in My Hand / شيء ما في يدي


Something in My Hand / شيء ما في يدي – Haifa Sawarkeh (Hardback)

تخترع عدن لعبة مسلّية. فتخبّئ شيئا ما في يدها وتطلب ممّن حولها أن يحزروا ما هو. من هو الشخص الوحيد الذي سيعرف ماذا تخبّئ عدن في يدها، وماذا ستكون مكافأته؟

Eden creates an interesting game. She holds on to something tightly in her hand then goes are asking those around her what it is that is in her hand. Who is the one person who guesses the right answer and how will that person be rewarded.

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