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House Of Eating (Science Series) / (سلسلة العلوم) بيت الأكل-


House Of Eating (Science Series) / (سلسلة العلوم) بيت الأكل

هَلْ لِلأكْلِ بَيْتٌ؟ نَعَم، لِلأكْلِ بَيْتٌ. تَخْتَلِفُ تَسْمِيَتُهُ عِنْدَ الإنْسان، الطَّيْر، البَقَرَةِ والكَبْش… سَنَتَعَرَّفُ عَلى أسْماءِ هَذِهِ البُيوتِ مِنْ خِلالِ هَذا الكِتاب، الَّذي كُتِبَ بِأُسْلوبٍ سَلِسٍ يَسْهَلُ حِفْظُهُ مَعَ إيقاعِ الكَلِماتِ الجَميلَة

Is there a house just for everything you eat? The answer is Yes, there is. It’s name is different between Humans, birds, cows and rams… During this story, we will get to know these houses and their names, that has been written in a seamless style that’s easy to pronounce while you’re reading these lovely words.

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