Adventures with the Awliya: Through the Blue Gate


Adventures with the Awliya: Through the Blue Gate – Noor Yusuf

Introducing Through the Blue Gate, the second book in the Adventures with the Awliya series…

Summer began with the discovery of an amazing secret that took Jem, Mikael and Munira beyond the forest into the stories of old.
Now, joined by a new friend, the adventures continue into cities of wizards, stormed-tossed seas and the legacies of Muslim heroes…

The Adventures with the Awliya series follows three young Muslim children on adventures through legend and history, through which they learn valuable life lessons. The series explores a vast array of cultures and their storied heritage, presenting positive role models in exciting adventures and more familiar contexts. Concerned with diversity and inclusivity, the book is one of the current few to have Muslim characters as the protagonists, and can be enjoyed by readers of all backgrounds, exploring central themes of spirituality, diversity, and the celebration of heritage, mythologies and cultures from around the world.

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