Book Club: Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah – DIY Binoculars

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Before the lockdown, I held a Book Club on Tuesdays at my house for preschoolers. This week I thought I’d restart it for my own children at least as we try getting back into a routine now that Ramadan is over.

The format of the Book Club is pretty straightforward. We read a book (duh!), discuss it a little then do an activity based around it. Simple.

This weeks story is Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah by Omar S. Khawaja as my eldest is currently loving the series.

The story is about a little boy called Ilyas, who wonders one night where he can find Allah. He sets off with his friend Duck to look for Allah all over the world, meeting different animals along the way, who make him realise that you can’t see Allah with your eyes but you “see” Allah through His creation.

(Disclaimer: We believe Allah is where He has always been and He exists beyond time, space and location, but explaining that to young children isn’t easy. I feel the book answers the question many children have, without conflicting with our belief. InshaAllah they will understand it better as they grow older.)

“Indeed, within the heavens and earth are signs for the believers. And in the creation of yourselves and what He disperses of moving creatures are signs for people who are certain [in faith].” (Surah Al Jaathiyah:3-4)

Activity: DIY Binoculars

You will need:
Toilet paper x2
Coloured cellophane sheets
Self adhesive foam 
Gems (optional)

I’m sorry in advance for my pictures, or lack of them. It was near impossible trying to take good pictures with a baby eating all the of paper/tissue/cellophane he could get his hands on, and a toddler thinking she’s old enough to handle a hot glue gun.

1. Remove the cardboard cylinder from the toilet paper. You could just use an emprty loo roll from the toilet but that’s kinda gross. 

2. Glue the rim of one side and stick the cellophane sheets over it.

3. Stick the foam around each loo roll individually then glue them together.  ( I actually stuck them together first then added the foam and found that it’d have been better to stick the foam first.)

4. Cut a 1cm strip of a different coloured foam sheet and add around the binoculars. 

5. Glue each end of the ribbon to the inside of each roll.

6. (Optional) Decorate!

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